Our General Construction Services


Construction Heroes is a full-service, GSA Approved General Contractor serving Maryland, DC, and Virginia specializing in government and commercial projects.


Our clients choose Construction Heroes because we’re a one-stop shop, with the ability, experience, flexibility, dependability, accountability, and response time to get the job done. We actively work to support our clients in the renovations and modernization of commercial, institutional, multi-family and hospitality projects. Check out our resume and ask our clients how we have performed, and consider us for your next project.

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Brick & Pavers

We can repair and install brick, tuck point, veneer and all sorts of traditional applications for facades, walls and walkways.

Caulking & Painting

We can help with your caulking needs, and of course painting too.

Concrete Pads On Grade

We handle everything including contacting Ms. Utility, site utility investigations if needed, excavation, site prep, framing, pouring and cleanup. We also offer third party analysis and inspections and reporting, and even engineering if needed.

Core Drilling/Saw Cutting

We can help you with your saw cutting, pulling the slab, and core drilling.


Demolition, Tear down, haul off and disposal are all things we do. We can even give you manifest logs or recycle the materials if you want.

Drain Protection

Site and parking lot drains are often impacted by our industry. We can provide the professional drain protection needed for your team.


We remove earth, rock and other materials from small project excavation, trenching and more! We can restore the site with grass if you need it too.

Fencing & Access Control

We don't take safety lightly. Access Control and fencing are things we can help with.


Berms, Swales, and Drainage enhancement are services we offer.

Haul Off

Haul off and disposal are always a headache. Why not let us help? We can even provide you with recylcing and manifest logs if you need them.


Construction Heroes completes a lot of projects in the retrofit market. We specialize in rigging path access, making repairs and providing penetrations. We can also build new walls and foundations.

Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated Metal Buildings have come a long way. We can help to source, and install these.

Roofing, Gutters & Waterproofing

Roofing, Waterproofing and Gutters are all things we can handle.


We can help you with the technical certified builds, or day-to-day scaffolding needs for any sized project.

Sediment Control

Let us install the silt fencing required on your next job.

Site Utility & Prep Services

We can prepare your site including grading, gravel, compaction, and site stabilization.

Steel & Metal Rehab

Steel and metal rehab are often needed for tower replacements and large air handler projects. We can help.

Stone & Gravel

Typically needed for projects on grade, direct bury and trenching applications, we can furnish and install this for you.

Utility Location

Site utility locating is a big deal, and we can help you with that.

Access Panels

We offer Drywall, ACT, Rated and Lockable options.


We specialize in modifying, removing, and replacing ACT systems, and perform this often over a single weekend.


Carpet, Carpet Protection, Removal and Replacement services available


We can help building lab equipment, case work, built in shelving, modular office furniture, etc.

Ceramic Tile

Bathroom renovations almost always require some tile work. Let us help you with this.


Concrete Block, both filled and hollow, are something we can help you with.

Concrete Pads

We do a ton of mechanical pads, and inside it usually requires dowelling, epoxy and other strength enhancement. Let us help you with this!


We furnish and install framing, Standard Sheet Rock, Greenboard, Glass Board, and Purple Board applications

Finish Carpentry

We can provide trim for floor boards, cabinet trim, gap control, FCU Enclosures and more.

Fire Stopping

We can help you to fire stop and seal openings with Mineral Wool, Foam, and Paste Applications.


Floor Protection, Hard wood, Vinyl, VCT, Concrete Staining, etc.


Our framers can install steel or wood for both commercial and multi-unit residential projects.

Hazmat Remediation

We can abate lead and asbestos in your small remediation projects.

Inertia Bases

We can come to your site to fill these in place, or even come out to your yard and fill your bases before they ever get set.

Interior Commercial Work

Tenant Improvments such as interior build outs, office reconfigurations and partitions, and toilet room dividers.

Interior Finishes

Interior finishes, Wall Covering, Paint, new tops, etc.


We build out small kitchenettes, cabinets, counter tops, etc.


We have the capacity for large scale installations or just small patch jobs.


Plaster is getting hard to find, but we can still help you with repairing it.

Rigging Path Access

Rigging Path Access is required in almost every retrofit project. We specialize in this.

Wall Covering & Floor Protection

Protecting the areas of work is cheaper than replacing it. Let us help you.

Waste Management & Recycling

We can help with your waste disposal, and even use manifest and disposal logs, accountability chain, and reporting.

Weekend Change Outs

Our weekend change outs are one of our most common services. We'll be in Friday and out by Sunday without a trace.

Window Removal/Replacement

We can remove and replace windows swiftly and efficiently.