Your Reliable General Trade Partner in DC, MD & VA Since 2004



Big or small, our partners trust us to get the job done. We view each project
as something larger than us. It’s a chance to build for a better tomorrow.

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We are widely considered to be one of the best small General Contracting firms in the DC metro area. We provide a wide range of services, but are probably best known for our experience working in concurrently operational facilities, complex implementations, and navigating through fragmented schedules. Our clients have trusted us with the details since 2004, and we continue to deliver safely and on time.

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Our projects focus on the ongoing support of our nation’s infrastructure and modernization efforts, especially within energy retrofits and performance contracting. We support technical clients and ownership groups most often, on projects that demand experience, practicality, familiarity with the technical trades, and punctuality. We are committed to delivering our clients' projects safely, within-budget, and on time.

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Construction Heroes is classified as a small business by federal contracting programs. We are on the GSA schedule, have capacity for bonding, and are both licensed and insured. Need MBE Participation? We can help with that too, with many relationships in the contracting community we are truly a one stop shop.

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